Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kellie Austin

Kellie's current work for Stormgate Press can be found in the forthcoming Pulp Reality #1 and in her own book: The Rembrandt Stratagem: From the Paranormal Cases of Bishop Kincaid COMING SOON

Kellie Lynn Austin was born in Detroit, Michigan,but currently resides in Kentucky.

She has a degree in criminal justice, including studies in, film, television writing elective courses. Introduced to writing in the seventh grade - it has been a life long passion, first writing the exploits of a nine-year-old space cadet named Astro Andy and his trusted sidekick dog Rover Ray.

She first became enthralled by the old Republic Movie serials, shown on her local TV station, of zombies from other planets, rocket men fighting moon monsters, champions of truth, masked marvels, and evil empires seeking robots from Atlantis to unsuspecting land dwellers.... 

Now that she's at Stormgate Press, fantastic adventures await you. 

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